Have you ever thought about getting into the credit repair industry?  Finding it too expensive to carry your State registration and bond?  Have no idea where to start?  We get it.  We were there back in 2003, just like you are now.  Wondering what to do.  Now, you have an inexpensive option to choose from.   There are no quotas to meet.  There are no bosses to take orders from. We are NOT a MLM company, so we won’t force you to go recruit your family and friends and sell them on a get rich scheme.

If you’d like to build your own team, that is fine, but it will be when YOU are ready. It won’t be because we forced you too. We look forward to adding you to the Square One Credit Repair family.

Starting 6/1/2020 all new credit repair agents will be put on a 100% contract and a credit repair agent lead program allowing you to build your own team nationally without having to join a MLM to do it.  We provide the leads!

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