Our Pricing Model Is Simple And Upfront

Credit Repair is free.  We only charge for processing and software which are labor costs and if we don’t perform as stated in our contract, we’ll pay you $1000.


Software Fee.  $99/mo.  That’s  all you pay.  

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*Disclaimer*  Our fees are not for the actual credit repair.  They are to cover processing charges & personnel fees.  We have bills just like you do. 

Your consultation is free of charge.   

Your action plan is free of charge.   

Our legal services are free of charge.  

As mentioned on our home page, you won’t find any competitor of ours backing up their services like we do.  And there is a reason for that.  It’s because they are using gimmicks and tricks to fool the credit bureaus.  Therefore, they won’t offer you any kind of refund policy like ours.  We don’t need to use gimmicks.  Everything we do is tracked by you, all in real time.